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oldsch00l doll shop
by plixpl0x (babytechno)
10'4- New site layout again. This one includes a little drawing of breathe carolina. :} Also finished & added Ville's doll to the request page. &&&& Thanks to the wonderful Tink, we have a new site button! Thank you so much, Tink. 10'3- New layout, Halloween themed. ;] I'll post some halloween layouts for TDP, too.
10'2- Finished all requests, also added 4 new layouts.
10'1- Grand opening. Hopefully more updates will be up tomarrow.

Link us?

Name: Koti
Age: ?
Location: ?
Job: Owner

No, I'm not looking for a co-owner. :)

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[Black and white spots]


[Lavender picnic]

[Black vintage]

Doll Pickup


Dolls and layouts by some of the top rated layout and doll creators.TOXICBITES!
Everything you see on this page was made by LEMONLIME@TDP.com